Hope owns a restaurant named Hope Foods. Esther owns a restaurant named Esther Foods.

Because people will always eat, both of them always make sales.

One faithful day Hope paid a visit to her friend Cynthia who lives at Yaba. On her way home she saw a restaurant by the road side named Esther Foods. She noticed that the restaurant looks exactly like that of her friend.

Hope called her friend Esther and told her that she saw a restaurant named Esther Foods that looks exactly like hers. She mentioned the name of the street where the restaurant is located.

Esther then replied that she owns the restaurant. That she even has another one at Ikeja.

Hope was so shocked to hear this. Hope then told Esther to tell her her secret. How she was able to expand her business.

Esther then replied that she has a website where people go to order her foods. She also has delivery agents that deliver the foods when they order.

Please don’t be like Hope who only knows the conventional way of doing business and hopes that things will get better someday. Be like Esther that took her business online so she can make more sales.

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