To own a website, you need three things: domain name, web hosting, and a developed website. 

Web hosting

A Web host is a computer where you store your website.

You don’t understand the above statement? Ok. Let me break it down.

A web host is like a house where you keep your things like clothes, furniture etc but instead of keeping clothes, furniture, you keep computer files (document, images, videos etc) in a web host.

There are companies that provide web hosting services for you. These companies rent out their

computers/servers to store your website. 

This is why you renew your hosting yearly the same way you renew your house rent. 

If you don’t renew your house rent you know what your landlord can do.

Domain name

A domain name is the address of your website. 

Before you can set up a website, you will need a domain name.

Let’s use our house analogy again.

Let’s say you rented an apartment at Ikeja Lagos. For me to be able to locate you in your new apartment I must know your house address.

Your domain name is like your house address.

A domain name gives your website an identity.

To own your own domain, you will need to register your domain with a domain registrar.

Examples of domain names are, etc.

Domain names are unique. This means that there can only be one in the world. You cannot register a name once it is registered by others.

I would recommend namecheap ( for your domain name and hosting. They are the best hosting company you will ever use.

Note that domain names are also renewed yearly.

A developed website

This is where comes in. We build amazing websites for your business.

There are several reasons why you need a website for your business. Please see some of them here:

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