Tired of always being broke? Then read this.

After completing my university education and NYSC I got a job with a company on the Island. 

I was paid 150,000 naira monthly but before the month ended my salary had finished. 

As a matter of fact, at the middle of the month I had finished my salary. I always borrow money from my colleagues in order to survive the remaining days of the month.

When the month ends and we are paid our salaries, I quickly remove the amount I was owing my colleagues and live on the remaining money with me. Two weeks before the month ends the money finishes again. I would run to my colleagues to borrow money again. This cycle continued for 2 years.

Also paying my rent was very difficult. My Landlord was always after me when the rent expired. As a matter of fact, when my rent expires, I usually turn off my second phone number that my Landlord has so he won’t be able to call me on the phone.

One faithful day, when my rent had expired for more than a month, my Landlord paid a surprise visit to me. He said to me that he had been calling my line but it wasn’t going through. I quickly said it was a network error and that the network has been bad for some weeks now. 

He replied that he is using the same network and that there is no issue with it. He gave me another one month to pay my rent but I still could not raise the money. 

Eventually I had to borrow money from a family member to pay the rent after 6 months that it expired.

One faithful day it struck me to ask my colleague who always lends me money how he was doing it. We are being paid the same salary but I always borrow money from him.

Thank goodness I ask o. The friend told me that he has a side hustle, that he doesn’t depend on the salary they are paying us.

I said ah! No wonder you always live big and you don’t ever borrow. Please show me the way nau.

He then sent me an ebook that he read that changed his financial life completely. 

The book shows you where the money is right now and how to get it.

He said he read and implemented just one of the business ideas written in the book and this changed his life completely.

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