Facebook ad simply means advertising on Facebook. Over 20,000,000 Nigerians are on Facebook.

Imagine you run a Facebook ad and your product is shown to 5,000,000 people.The more people that see your products the more sales you are likely to make.

The most significant benefit of Facebook advertising is targeting. With Facebook, you can reach customers that would buy your products.

For example, imagine you are a photographer and you want to make more sales. You can run Facebook ads that target people that have upcoming birthdays.

You can also target an age bracket ie (18 – 45 years). Facebook will only show the ads to only these people.

You can see in the example above I choose to target the age bracket (18 – 45years). It means people below 18 and above 45 years will not see my ads at all. Only people that need my products/services see the ads.

Let me give another example. Imagine you make cake and you want to make more sales. You can run a Facebook ad that targets people that have upcoming birthdays, male/female, Age bracket 18 – 40. Also another targeting option is friends of people that have upcoming birthdays. I’m sure you understand this. Let me explain further if you don’t.

People surprise their friends that have birthdays with birthday cakes. So it will make sense to show me your ads because I have a friend whose birthday is in a week’s time.

Another targeting option you can choose is people that buy things online. You want to show only people that buy things online your ads. Not everybody buys things online. Facebook has this data and even more.

Targeting is key when creating a Facebook ad. You need to show your ads to the people that will most likely buy your products.

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