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LED time display.
Display time, date, temperature, alarm clock.
Four buttons SET UP DOWN Reset.
LED screen automatically converts time, date and temperature.
The product can be used on the desktop or hanging on the wall.

Digital Clock

Product operation manual
1. Main Features:
• LED time display
• Display time, date, temperature, alarm clock
• Temperature range 0°C-50°C (32F-122F)
• Automatic brightness dimming/manual dimming
• Four buttons SET UP DOWN Reset
• Date: January 1, 2000- December 31, 2099 Boot default January 1, 2020
• LED screen automatically converts time, date and temperature
• AL1,AL2 and AL3 alarm clocks
Power supply mode: memory battery CR2032, working power for DC5V DC power supply
• The product can be used on the desktop or hanging on the wall.

2. Key operation:
Set key: Set/mode conversion function
Time is behaving normally, press once to enter time-date-temperature-alarm 1-
alarm 2- alarm 3, and so it goes on.
Under the mode of time, alarm or date, long press to enter the setting state of corresponding mode, and cooperate with the UP/DOWN key to set the desired value. UP key: UP/mode selection/alarm switch function
In the setting state, the value can be adjusted by single push button, and the value can be adjusted by long press; In alarm mode, single push button to open or close the alarm, short press to enter three display modes dP-1 dP-2 DP-3
Dp-1 is the cycle mode of time, date and temperature.
Dp-2 can be displayed at fixed time, date and temperature without cyclic display. Dp-3 Date, temperature mode 15 seconds return time display.
Down key: In the setting state of temperature unit conversion/Down, single push button can reduce the value, long press can quickly adjust, in the non-setting mode, short press Down key can choose ‘C/F; In unset mode, long press Down to enter the brightness setting L3-LO, L3 is the brightest and LO is the darkest.

3. Default Settings:
(1) After plugging in the power (no memory battery) or resetting and restarting, the LED will automatically light up after full display, and then enter the clock display
mode after Bi sound.
(2) Default date: January 1, 2020
Default time: 12:00pm 12 hour system
Default alarm:
AL 1 12:00 AM, AL OFF
AL2 12:00 AM, AL OFF
AL3 12:00 AM, AL OFF.
4. Feature set:
(1) Time Function
The default 12-hour system, 12/24 hours can be selected under the clock setting state.
In the clock mode, long press Set for 2 seconds to enter the clock setting state, press UP, press Down to adjust, long press fast, Set to 12/24hr->, ->, -> to save and exit. (2) Date function
In the date mode, only Month and Day are displayed, and the year can be viewed in the date setting state.
In the date mode, long press Set key to enter the date setting state, single press UP key
or Down key to Set the value, long press hold to adjust quickly, the setting order is: year- > month -> day -> to save and exit:
Setting range about the year:2000-2099, beyond 2099- return 2000.
(3) The alarm clock function
There are three sets of alarm clocks :AL1,AL2 and AL3.
In the alarm mode, press UP to Set AL ON/OFF, and long press Set to enter the alarm
setting state. The setting order is: time->, point->, save and exit.
When the clock goes to alarm time, the alarm will ring. Press any key to interrupt the
alarm. If the bell is not interrupted for 1 minute, it will automatically stop and the alarm will ring two.
(4) Automatic brightness control Between 7 PM intraday and 5:59 am the next day, brightness will be reduced by 70%, and then automatically adjusted to 100% between 6:00 am and 6:59 PM.
(5) Manual brightness adjustment
In the non-set mode, long press Down to enter the brightness setting. After entering the
mode, single push button Down to reduce the brightness. L3 is the brightest and LO is the darkest. Attention: If the brightness is set manually, the brightness cannot be automatically adjusted. Only press the RESET button to restore the original setting the brightness can be adjust automatically.


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